Green Transition of Cement and Concrete Production in Denmark

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  • Danish Technological Institute, Gregersensvej 1, DK-2630 Taastrup, Entrance 1, The Conference Hall

The project “Green Transition of Cement and Concrete Production in Denmark – 2014-2019” has created internationally remarkable results and now where the project is close to an end, the project partners are inviting to a closing conference of the project. The main results from the project will be summarised, presented and discussed.

In addition to presentation of the main project results, the conference is bringing in several international speakers giving their view on the challenges the international cement and concrete industry is facing. The combination of project related presentations and international key notes will hopefully contribute to good discussions and views on the project in a global perspective.

The conference is organized in collaboration with the Danish Concrete Society DBF and InnoBYG.

Thomas Uhd, Director of the Danish Concrete Association
Christian Munch-Petersen, Head of Danish National Standardisation Committee for Concrete Technology S-328 and partner at Emcon a/s
Dorthe Mathiesen, Director of the Concrete Centre at the Danish Technological Institute.


09.00    Registration and coffee

09.30    Welcome
            By Jesper Sand Damtoft, Director, R&D, Aalborg Portland, Cementir Holding S.p.A.

09.40    KEY NOTE
             Eco-efficient cements:
             Potential economically viable solutions for a low CO2 Cement Based Materials Industry
             By Karen Scrivener, Professor and Head of Laboratory of Construction Materials, Ecole Polytechnique Fédéral de Lausanne, EPFL

10.10    KEY NOTE       
             Performance based specifications for concrete – an approach to design climate friendly concrete structures?
             By Christoph Müller, Managing Director and Head of Concrete Technology, Verein Deutche Zementwerke, VDZ       

10.40    Coffee break    

            Presentation of the Green Concrete II project and introduction to the new cement types developed. 
            By Jesper Sand Damtoft, Director, R&D, Quality and Technical Sales Support Cementir Holding S.p.A.

            What have we learned from the Green Concrete demonstration bridges? - and what will be the Owners future requirements to climate friendly concrete structures?
            By Erik Stoklund Larsen, Director, Danish Road Directorate

12.00   KEY NOTE
            Behovet for innovative klimaløsninger i Danmark
            af Lars Christian Lilleholt, Energi-, Forsynings- og Klimaminister

             Field exposure of "green concrete" in Denmark and presentation of the four demonstration projects – 3 bridges and 1 in-door structure 
By Lars Nyholm Thrane, Team Manager at the Danish Technological Institute  

12.40    Lunch

            Performance based design of green concrete constructions. A new design approach relevant for new binder systems
            By Claus Nielsen, Product Manager at the Danish Technological Institute       

             How does green concrete account in the certification scheme for sustaninable buildings DGNB?
             By Andreas Qvist Secher, Rambøll Denmark A/S, Team Manager, Senior Sustainability Consultant         

             Production and execution of green concrete – experiences from the Green Concrete project.
             By Jørgen Schou, Product Manager, Unicon A/S

             Long term durability of concrete structures designed with new binder systems and new types of cement
             By Alexander Michel, Assistant Professor at The Technical University of Denmark, DTU Byg       

14.55    Coffee break, network and green concrete exhibition

15.30    KEY NOTE
             Research & innovation as a path to a sustainable future
             By Peter Høngaard, President of the Innovation Fund Denmark   

15.50    KEY NOTE
             International roadmaps for reduction of CO2 from cement and concrete
             By Claude Lorea, Cement Director, Global Cement and Concrete Association

16.20    Discussion in plenum and summing up the conference
             Moderated by Christian Munch-Petersen, Emcon a/s

            René Fich Jespersen, Commercial Director, Aalborg Portland
            Henrik Olesen, Head of Department, MT Højgaard
            Gert Didriksen von der Ahé, Director of Technology, DRD
            Asger Knudsen, Country Market Director, Rambøll

17.00   Closing remarks
           By Jesper Sand Damtoft, Director, R&D, Aalborg Portland, Cementir Holding S.p.A.    

17.05   Reception

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