Living-lab test facilities - book your individual inspection now

The BRONE project invites Danish companies working with building inspections using drones to test their technologies in a large-scale concrete sample located at the Danish Technological Institute.

This sample is a 2.5m tall concrete column (see photo below) that features artificially induced cracks at various widths that were accurately measured in the laboratory – serving as the ground truth data. The main idea in this collaborative activity (living lab experiment) is that the participants demonstrate their inspection technologies and eventually compare their results. Specifically, there are 20 cracks with different widths in the sample, your task will be to: 

Task 1 - create 3D model of the sample;

Task 2 - annotate the each crack location; and

Task 3 - report the crack width that you measured. 

Once finished, the BRONE project will provide the benchmark data, so you can double check your measurements.

To accommodate as many participants as possible, the BRONE project is reserving Week 38 (17.09 to 21.09) for the individual inspections – so please let us know at what time you would like to come for the visit, so you can collect images from the BRONE sample.

As for the data processing, we have several companies providing ways to create 3D Models and annotate on them. For this reason, you are free to select which tools you are going to use (or else, the project participant EasyInpsect can host the inspection data under a dedicated BRONE project user account).

For more details on the BRONE project or to reserve your visit, please contact Wilson Ricardo Leal da Silva (

The BRONE project is part of Inno-Drone