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The 3DUp project aims to promote communication within the construction industry to stimulate the uptake of 3D Concrete Printing (3DCP). In addition to the lack of awareness of the technology by the co…

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Bridging the gap between construction, IoT, and 3D printing (HT2C)

This project aims at promoting communication between construction and high-tech industries to bridge an existing knowledge gap hindering the uptake of IoT and 3D printing by the construction industry …

Projektbeskrivelse: Bridging the gap between construction, IoT, and 3D printing (HT2C)

Building Green Connections

Projektet giver danske SMV'er, med lyst til at skabe netværk i forbindelse med udviklingsprojekter eller videndeling, mulighed for at etablere kontakter med relevante virksomheder eller videninstituti…

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EU is in transition toward a circular resource economy. Our project aims to elucidate how sustainable building and building materials contributes in such a transition.

Projektbeskrivelse: Eco-Construct

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The goal of InnoBYG-NET project is to submit eight high quality applications to Horizon 2020 over 3 years with focus on engaging new players from the InnoBYG network, especially Danish innovation driv…

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Nordic Network for Tall Timber Buildings

TALLTIMBER will establish a Nordic network for Tall Timber Buildings to identify market opportunities and challenges for tall timber buildings through knowledge transfer between stakeholders in the No…

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Pilotprojekt ICDK

Formålet med aktiviteten er at undersøge muligheder for at danne et holdbart konsortium der kan leverer bæredygtigt byggeri fra Danmark til USA. Dette vil gavne miljøet samt væksten. Pilotprojektet ud…

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The project implements a shared SME internationalisation strategy between Norway and Denmark on subsea tunnel encompassing three activities: 1) A strategy for internationalising SME market access in D…

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Subsea Tunnels II

The project will clearly challenge companies to be more innovative which is usually a barrier to may SME's as they often do not know how to work with innovation. On top of this cross border networks w…

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