• 17. januar 2018


TALLTIMBER will establish a Nordic network for Tall Timber Buildings to identify market opportunities and challenges for tall timber buildings through knowledge transfer between stakeholders in the Nordic Region.

Networking events will be organized and be open to network participants in the form of workshops and study trips. Inspiration for product/service development. These activities will also serve as knowledge transfer activities and will provide input to WP3.

1.DK: Workshop hosted by the Danish Network for tall timber buildings (November 2018)
2.DK: Building Green Exhibition Aarhus (March 2018) and/or Building Green Exhibition Copenhagen (November 2018)
3.NO: Workshop Building Green Oslo 2018
4.NO: Study trip planed for SMEs showing state of the art Tall timber buildings in Norway
5.SWE: Wood Building Nordic Conference, Växjö (26-28. September, 2018), study trip and conference
6.SWE: Wood Building Summit (November 2019), study trip and conference
7. SWE: WS Tall Timber Buildings (March 2019), Results from Formas project

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