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  • 24. april 2020

Dual-Resolution Automated Robotic Scanning

We have just returned from running an invited workshop at the University of Technology, Sydney, exploring workflows for automated robotic scanning of unknown panel geometries.  This provided an opportunity to test a custom workflow and robotic end effector fitted with two sensors: a RealSense D435 depth camera, and an Artec Eva handheld scanner. Our workflow establishes a two stage scanning process. A first scan is taken with the RealSense camera. This low-resolution scan is processed automatically to determine the location and bounds of the panel geometry, and to generate a robotic toolpath for a second high resolution scanning pass. This high resolution pass is executed using the Artec Eva scanner, and the resulting point cloud is fed back into a design software to enable conformal 3D printing. The entire workflow is automated and takes under 30 seconds to execute. The usage of a robot with the handheld scanner enables high speed scanning – up to 0.7m per second - while maintaining accuracy of the scan.

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