Spireprojekt 2019

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Project status #4

A tool is developed for a refined immersive 3D investigation of space for daylight exposure characterisation. The tool takes the occupant position and orientation vector coordinates as input and delivers the level of exposure to spectral lighting, light intensity, and glare risks at the eye level of the occupant, thus characterizing daylight exposure at each point and as function of occupant actual position in space.

Project status #3

The project was introduces as an assignment to the Daylighting and Lighting course at DTU. In the assignment, the students evaluated the daylighting and lighting performance of the case study used in REAL. Our industry partners attended the two-poster session with the students with fruitful discussions within each presentation and at the final closing of the session.   Six bachelor students worked on their bachelor reports tackling different…

Project status #2

The proposed field study campaign took place in autumn 2019. With active involvement of students, physical measurements coupled with occupancy movement behaviour and subjective evaluations were collected. DTU smart Library staff, Lars Binau, Thomas Skov Jensen among others followed the progress and supported us throughout the project. The experimental campaign included several measurements as well as a use assessment study where we developed a qu…

Project status

Response-driven Environments for Appropriate Lighting (REAL), seeks to develop a framework to estimate actual exposure to lighting based on occupant orientation in space. The project consists of a field study campaign where several indoor environmental parameters as well as occupant behaviour are monitored. The obtained data from the pilot field study supports a framework to identify actual light exposure at occupant’s position. The obtained data…