Project status #3

The project was introduces as an assignment to the Daylighting and Lighting course at DTU. In the assignment, the students evaluated the daylighting and lighting performance of the case study used in REAL. Our industry partners attended the two-poster session with the students with fruitful discussions within each presentation and at the final closing of the session.


Six bachelor students worked on their bachelor reports tackling different aspects of the project. Anne Sofie Bille, Klara Faldborg Lauridsen, Mathilde Anne Jensen, Stephanie Bjarta Hansen, Jesper Repstorff Holtveg, and Midi Limani, finalised their bachelor projects in autumn 2019 and spring 2020. In two projects, the two students were actively involved in REAL’s experimental campaign at DTU smart Library. In continuation of the project, four bachelor students worked further on the measurement data and performance evaluation of the case study.