• 25. april 2017

3Dprinting system by IaaC and Tecnalia featured at Construmat 2017 event

The "On-Site Robotics Project" aims to explore the potential in 3DPrinting and Robotics to produce sustainable-low-cost buildings. The printing system relies on a cable-driven mechanism, adding new possibilities to large-scale 3D Printing on site.

The "On-Site Robotics Project" is a result from a collaboration between IaaC and TECNALIA, which are currently working with natural materials such as clays (derived from IaaC's Pylos project).

Nonetheless, further project developments point towards the manufacturing of an extruder fit for cementitious materials, i.e. 3DConcretePrinting technology. The results from "On-site Robotics Project" will be presented in the Construmat 2017 event, which will take place from May 23-25th in Barcelona.

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