Paul Nicholas

Paul Nicholas

Spireprojektleder 2019 KADK

My name is Paul Nicholas, I'm PhD, Associate Professor at KADK.

Contact me at, Tel. +45 4170 1751.


Aktiviteter fra Paul Nicholas

Kickoff meeting

  • 8. oktober 2019
Our project is underway after a kickoff meeting at BB Fiberbeton headquarters in Køge. During the meeting each project party presented their expertise. BB Fiberbeton took us through the current process of mold design from customer brief to drawing and mold design process and production. TickCAD presented different scanning tools, the process of scanning and handling of the resulting point cloud data. CITA took us through some examples of parame…

Precision Partner update

  • 17. december 2019
The first stage of Precision Partner explores two parallel tracks: establishing a digital baseline, and reporting deviations between a baseline and a corresponding built element.  Project partner CITA is developing an automation tool which, from a small number of manual inputs, generates a 3D model of the element, a 3D model of the mold needed to cast that element, a set of 2D construction drawings as well as mold building instructions. This auto…

Milestone 2 Complete

  • 21. september 2020
Precision Partner has completed our second work package: Scan Automatisation and Feedback. We have developed an intuitive User Interface that runs on a Microsoft Surface Tablet. The UI takes the user through 3 stages of automatically comparing the 3d scan of the element: Scan Alignment, Feedback, and Manual dimension measurement. During our scanning day at BBFiberbeton, we stress tested the tool on 3 different molds: a balcony element, a panel f…

Hololens Feedback

  • 24. september 2020
At Precision Partner, we have started exploring the third work package “Augmented Reality Feedback”. At CITA we have just received a Microsoft Hololens 2 and we have straight away put it to test. The Hololens allows to visualize digital information overlaid in reality. In our scenario, it will allow to visualize tolerance feedback information at different stages of the mold making process, and not just as a final quality control. We will start t…