Horizon 2020 is a suitable platform for innovation driven organizations to create market ready solutions and solve the current challenges described under pillar 2 Industrial Leadership and 3 Societal challenge.

The goal of InnoBYG-NET project is as follows:

Eight high quality applications submit to Horizon 2020 over 3 years with focus on engaging new players from the InnoBYG network, especially Danish innovation driven SMEs.

The activities in InnoBYG-NET will bring Danish institutes with the best knowledge on sustainable buildings and constructions together with Danish SMEs to innovate and develop the construction industry. InnoBYG-NET will increase the possibilities for more innovative applications that represent the whole value chain and meet EU specifications on corporation between public - private partnerships, strengthen SMEs and reflect the interdisciplinary nature of technological development and by doing so acknowledge the social challenge on circular economy and green conversion (grøn omstilling) in the Danish construction industry.

Projektleder Maggie Lund,